Welcome to The United Nations Global Awards

Welcome to The United Nations Global Awards

Welcome to The United Nations Global AwardsWelcome to The United Nations Global AwardsWelcome to The United Nations Global Awards

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United Nations Global Awards (UNGA) is the premier NGO awards program, encouraging organizations and leaders to live a life of service through gratitude and global recognition.  We are not a part of the United Nations. However, we do support there SDG goals.

We encourage you to Get Inspired and take positive action towards Global change.


The United Nations GLOBAL  Awards  aims to bring together NGO's from all the countries in the world as a forum for specialized regional dialogue and co-operation with other non-governmental organizations and institutions active in the region. UNGA goal is to recognize individuals who are making outstanding contributions to their organization and the NGO community at large.

The Forum aims at increasing the level of dialogue and co-operation among NGO's in strengthening the NGO's capacity to influence regional and national policies and to increase the number and quality of regional partnerships and projects.

Non-governmental organizations have the vocation to act jointly to bring positive social change for both their countries and for the region as a whole therefore the “United Nations Global Awards" is a facilitator that provides both the starting point for people to connect, and a platform to sustain and build on such interaction. The UNGA Award is a first of its kind initiative to recognize the best practices in the NGO Industry.


World  leaders committed themselves to ending poverty, combating climate  change and fighting injustice at an historic UN summit in New York in  September 2015. The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development offers a  better future for billions of people around the world and for our planet  as a whole.

The 17 Sustainable Development  Goals (SDGs) which were unanimously adopted by 193 countries, set a new  universal standard for development which aims to ensure that no one is  left behind. The targets and indicators behind the goals provide a  benchmark for measuring success.

Universal and indivisible, the 2030  Agenda for Sustainable Development calls for action by all countries -  developed and developing countries - as well as all people to end  poverty, address inequalities and tackle climate change by 2030.

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